A New Hairstyle for Summer

A New Hairstyle for Summer

Tips For Wearing Hair Extensions For Your Wedding

Bob Adams

Hair extensions are a good way to add volume and length to your hair on your wedding day. Unfortunately, brides who are not accustomed to wearing hair extensions could end up with a hair disaster on their big day. To help ensure your wedding day hair style is perfect, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Do Not Wait Until Wedding Day

One of the biggest mistakes you can make if you are unfamiliar with hair extensions is waiting until a few days before your wedding day and having them installed. Any number of issues could occur, including an allergy to the glue that is used to install some extensions, and you could be left scrambling to find an alternative style for your hair.  

To find out which problems could possibly exist and to get a chance to become more familiar with hair extensions, have a practice style installed about four or five months before your wedding. If you have an issue with the extensions, you and your stylist can find a solution. For instance, if you are allergic to the glue, you and your stylist know ahead of time to focus on a clip-in or sew-in style for your hair.  

Skip the Cheap Hair Extensions

If you are looking for ways to save on your wedding expenses, your hair extensions are not the place to do it. Cheap hair extensions tend to be over-processed. To prepare the hair for sale, manufacturers process the hair in a number of ways, such as bleaching and coloring it. Unfortunately, the more the hair is handled, the more difficult it is to blend with real hair and its lifespan is greatly reduced.  

However, virgin hair has not been processed. The manufacturer only washes and conditions the hair before packaging it. If virgin hair is out of your budget and you have to get processed hair, skip the synthetic.  

There are reasonably priced human hair extensions available that have not been harshly treated. Look for straight human hair extensions as opposed to wavy or curly. Wavy and curly hair have had more heat applied to them, which could mean they will last a shorter period of time. 

Work with your hair stylist to find the right hair extensions and styling for your wedding day. He or she can help you avoid any other hair catastrophes that can occur so that you can focus on other matters on your day.


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A New Hairstyle for Summer

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