A New Hairstyle for Summer

A New Hairstyle for Summer

What Causes Neck Pain And Tension?

Bob Adams

Unfortunately, many people deal with chronic neck tension and pain. This can be a result of many factors that have their own solutions. Here are some of the possible causes of neck pain.

Funny Sleeping Positions

Neck pain might be a result of you putting too much demand on your neck muscles as you sleep. Consider one potential problem: a pillow that is too high. While sleeping on this pillow, you would be asking your neck to hold your head up all night long. It's natural that, in the morning, you would experience some neck tension and pain. You may want to visit a mattress shop so that they can help you find a sleeping arrangement that is more ergonomical.

Bad Posture at Work

If you work at a desk all day long, it may be that you have some sitting habits that are putting strain on your body. Sitting in any one position for eight hours a day can put strain on your body. Try switching up your work positions, such as by standing, sitting in a backless chair, and moving to different areas of the office throughout the day.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension throughout the body can lead to neck pain. For example, if back muscles are tense or injured, then the neck might tense up to compensate for stiff muscles in the back. Over time, the neck begins to experience its own tension and pain. This could be solved by releasing tension in the body, either through regular massage treatment, stretching regimens, or even body rollers that can be used to massage out knots throughout the body.


Neck pain from stress is often related to muscle tension held throughout the body. But some people tend to hold stress tension in their shoulders, neck and upper back. Mindfulness can sometimes help to correct the problem. You could learn to occasionally do body scans to see if you are holding tension everywhere. While this isn't a quick fix for muscle tension in the neck, it is a long term plan that could help eliminate chronic neck pain.

Poor Spinal Alignment

Finally, sometimes neck pain is a result of bad spinal alignment. Since your neck vertebrae are supposed to stack neatly on top of your lower and upper back bones, a problem anywhere in the spine can intensify as it travels up the spine. The best way to deal with this is to get regular spinal adjustments from your chiropractor. They are also a great resource for diagnosing and treating the other causes of neck pain mentioned above.


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