A New Hairstyle for Summer

A New Hairstyle for Summer

3 Med Spa Treatments For Cellulite Reduction

Bob Adams

Cellulite, which gives the skin a lumpy and dimpled appearance, can make you self-conscious about your thighs, lower back, and even your arms. Many patients are displeased to find out that even losing weight does not always get rid of cellulite. Thankfully, there are several med spa treatments that are designed to help get rid of cellulite or reduce its appearance. Here's a look at three of them. 

Radiofrequency Contouring

Radiofrequency contouring is the least invasive and least uncomfortable of the common cellulite reduction treatments, which may be why it is so common among patients. Your practitioner will hold a special device against your skin in any areas where cellulite is present. This device will simultaneously apply suction and emit radiowaves. The suction will keep the skin pulled taut while the radiowaves help to break down cellulite tissue. 

Radiofrequency treatment may cause some minor bruising and soreness, but there are no serious side effects to worry about. This is a good choice for minor cases of cellulite.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is a bit more invasive and needs to be performed by a licensed practitioner. In this case, the laser tool is inserted through a tiny incision so that it can deliver powerful energy beneath your skin. This not only helps break down cellulite but also thickens the skin, which has the benefit of making any remaining cellulite less obvious.

There is a small risk of infection with this procedure since it does require that the skin is broken. You can expect to have some bruising and feel a bit sore for a few days afterward. However, laser treatment is more effective than radiofrequency treatment for moderate cases of cellulite. 


Carboxytherapy is a newer treatment, but one that is rapidly becoming more popular. It involves inserting carbon dioxide beneath the skin through a tiny incision. The carbon dioxide helps break apart the adhesions associated with the appearance of cellulite. Carboxytherapy is a bit uncomfortable and causes bruising and soreness, but it works well for many patients. It is a good choice for smaller areas that may be harder for your practitioner to target with a laser or radiofrequency therapy.

Talk to your doctor or a practitioner at a med spa to learn more about each of these cellulite treatment options. You do not have to go on living with dimpled skin that makes you self-conscious. If you are interested in any of these treatments, visit a med spa clinic.


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