A New Hairstyle for Summer

A New Hairstyle for Summer

Acquire A Set Of Lush Lashes

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Are you tempted to add some fullness to your lashes but opposed to using store-bought products and hesitant about having lash extensions professionally applied? Lash extensions are installed in a sterile environment. With a brief overview that pertains to the care necessary for a set of extensions, you can continue to enjoy the lushness that drastically accentuates your eyes.

The Process

During a lash extension appointment, a beauty technician will apply one extension at a time. The color, thickness, length, and growth pattern of your natural lashes will determine how many extensions are needed to provide you with full lashes. A standard application will involve adding one extension to each lash and a hybrid application will involve adding one extension to some lashes and multiple extensions to some lashes.

Hybrid lash extensions are beneficial if some portions of your natural lashes are thick and others are more sparse. You will be directed to lean back, while seated in a reclining chair. A soft, thin pad will rest under your lashes while the extensions are installed.

You will need to gently close your eyes and maintain this position. A thin instrument is used to apply adhesive to each of your lashes prior to securing the extensions. The entire process is painless, but you should expect to wait an hour or two depending upon the number of extensions that are being applied.

The Results And Care Routine

With your new extensions, you may be pleased to see how prominent your lashes are. The beauty technician will go over the "dos and don'ts" concerning your extensions. Makeup can be worn, but you will need to avoid mascara and oily or waterproof products that could be difficult to remove and require you to wipe the eye area excessively. Do not get your lashes wet for the first couple days.

Extensions will grow out with your natural lashes and fall off during the regular growth cycle, but this does not mean that you will need to go back to dealing with your natural lashes and their sparseness. A lash fill-in procedure involves having your lashes assessed at routine intervals and receiving additional extensions as needed.

Because the growth cycle may result in some lashes breaking off sooner than others, a fill-in session will not require as many extensions as your initial appointment and each fill-in appointment can be conducted rather quickly.

To learn more, contact a lash extension service in your area.


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A New Hairstyle for Summer

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