A New Hairstyle for Summer

A New Hairstyle for Summer

Tips For An Awesome Hair Braiding Appointment At A Natural Salon

Bob Adams

Having your natural hair braided can be such a rewarding experience. The long hours spent in your stylist's chair will be so worth it when you emerge with a new, braided style that makes you feel confident and self-assured. Still, having your hair braided at a natural salon is a pretty big endeavor. So, there are a few tips you'll want to follow before and during your session.

Arrive with detangled hair.

If you arrive to the salon with your hair matted and tangled, your stylist will detangle it for you before braiding it. But this takes time, and it also adds to your bill. Spend some time detangling your own hair the day before your hair braiding appointment, and then sleep in a silk cap so you don't form any new tangles overnight. If your hair is badly tangled, you may want to have a friend come over and help comb those tangles out.

Be open to feedback on your style.

Most clients arrive at the salon with photos showing the style they want. This is good; photos help you more accurately convey to the stylist what you're looking for. Keep in mind, though, that not all braided styles are suitable for all hair types. It's also hard, as someone who is not a stylist, to look at a photo of braided hair and know how long that hair was naturally. So, if your stylist takes a look at a photo you like and says, "that's not super realistic for your hair," take their word for it. Be open to their suggestions for other, similar styles that may be better suited for you.

Bring snacks and drinks.

Having your hair braided can take all day, especially if your hair is long. You don't want to start feeling faint in the chair. This can happen when someone is putting pressure on your head and you haven't eaten or drunk anything recently. So, bring some snacks and drinks along. Most stylists will take at least one break during a long braiding session. When they do, you can enjoy your snacks and drinks, too. Some salons do provide refreshments, but it's best to also have your own, just in case. If you need a break to take a sip of water or eat something at any time during your braiding session, don't be afraid to say something to your stylist.

If you prepare ahead with snacks, detangle your hair, and are open to style feedback, you'll be set for an excellent hair braiding session.


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A New Hairstyle for Summer

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