A New Hairstyle for Summer

A New Hairstyle for Summer

Feeling Rundown? Get A Customized Facial To Feel Better

Bob Adams

If you are feeling rundown, you should consider getting a customized facial. Below is information on how this type of facial works, as well as some benefits this will offer you. You can then make an appointment with a spa near you to get this type of facial.

Customized Facial

When you first arrive at the spa, they will first cleanse your skin to remove your makeup, built-up dirt, and other impurities. Along with cleaning, they will use a steamer on your face as this will soften and help prepare your skin for the upcoming steps.

Once your skin is clean, the esthetician will analyze your skin, so they know what your skin type is and if you have any skin problems, such as acne. The esthetician will then sit down and speak with you about any concerns you may have and answer any questions.  

An exfoliation mask is often used which removes dead skin on your skin's surface. This can give you a healthy glow and make your skin much healthier. Extractions are done if you have clogged pores or pores that are impacted. 

A customized mask is then used which is made to take care of skin problems you may be having to make your skin smoother and brighter. Some spas will also give you a shoulder massage as well.

Customized Facial Benefits

A customized facial mask can be used on any skin tone and skin type. If you have acne, the aesthetician can give you information on how to treat the acne at home, such as the right type of acne products to use, and help you choose the best skincare routine. They can help you choose the right products when it comes to moisturizers, anti-aging products, and much more. They may also tell you what you should eat and should not eat to help your skin be much healthier. 

Because this type of facial is customized for your skin type and skin problems, it works much better than a traditional facial. You will not have to worry about damaging your skin in any way. The aesthetician has a variety of tools to use such as LED therapy, facial ice rollers, facial peels, acupressure, and dermaplaning. This allows them to address the type of skin problem you are having. This could be anti-aging, hydration, deep cleansing, or acne. 

Talk with an esthetician at a spa to learn much more about custom facial treatments.


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A New Hairstyle for Summer

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